How to create Huawei Ads Kit Slot Id ?

Earlier in my articles , we learn how to integrate Huawei Ads Kit in our application using Test Slot ID provided to us for testing purpose. Today we will see how to create one and monetize our app.

Let’s make some money

There are two types of developer account we will see at the time we sign up in Huawei Developer Website:

1) Individual Developer Account

2) Enterprise Developer Account

In order to create Ads Slot Id we must need to have an Enterprise Developer Account. For Individual Developer Account, there is no rights to create Ads Slot Id.

Essential Requirement

Create Enterprise Account

a) First we need to sign up in Huawei Developer Website.

b) After creating Huawei Developer Id, we will be provided with two option i.e. Individual or Enterprise Developer Account.

c) Select Enterprise Developer Account.

d) Provide all the necessary information in the form as shown below:

e) We can use either the DUNS number or Business license for identity verification for enterprise developers. It will 1 to 3 business days for verification.

Become a Merchant

We need to be a merchant in order to use HMS Ads Kit. Also after making your account as merchant, it will take 1 or 2 business days for verification.


a) Login to Huawei Developer website.

b) Go to console.

c) Under Settings you will find Merchant Service as shown below:

d) Provide our bank details information here as shown below:

e) Provide our tax related information here as shown below:

f) Finally click submit to save the record for verification.

Huawei Ads Publisher Service Agreement

After the preceding steps are complete, use one of the following entries to sign in to Huawei Ads Publisher Service for further operations.


Go to HUAWEI DevelopersConsole, and click Publisher service in App services. If no Publisher service card is displayed upon the first sign-in, click DIY in the upper right corner to add the Publisher service card. Read the HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service Agreement that is then displayed. If you agree, select by checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service Agreement. The agreement takes effect immediately. If you have signed the service agreement, you can view the signing record in My account and Download the agreement.

Steps To Create Ads Slot Id

Add an App

In order to create Ads Slot Id, we need to create first an app. This app will help us to connect Huawei Ads.


a) Sign In to Huawei Account and select Publisher Service as shown below:

b) After selecting Publisher Service, we need to go to My apps and select Add app as shown below:

c) Select the app name from the drop down which we have already created in AGC. When we select the app from the drop down it will automatically fill up the rest. After that click Submit as shown below:

d) Finally it will look like this:

Add a unit / slot Id

Now we will add a unit or slot Id. Currently, HUAWEI Ads supports the banner, native, rewarded, interstitial, and splash ads. You can add units for the ad formats based on the app running status.


a) On HUAWEI Ads Publisher Console, click My Apps, and click Add ad unit in the Operation column of an app as shown below:

b) We have to choose an ads format as shown below:

c) After selecting any ads format, fill in the unit information, including the name and media type, and complete advanced settings as required.

Banner Ads
Splash Ads
Rewards Ads
Native Ads
Interstitial Ads

eCPM: We can set the minimum eCPM for an ad unit. If the bid of an ad is lower than the minimum eCPM you set, the ad is not displayed. However, a too high minimum eCPM may lower the ad fill rate.

Frequency control: To ensure the experience of users, we can use this setting to control the number of ad impressions. The time unit of Frequency control can be minute, hour, or day. If we select minute, the time cannot exceed 60 minutes. If we select hour, the time cannot exceed 24 hours. If we select day, the time cannot exceed 30 days.

For example, you set Frequency control to Up to 1 impression for every user per 1 hour. In this way, when a user uses our app, the user can view up to one ad in the ad unit within one hour after the ad is displayed.

d) Click Save

e) Finally we will get the Ads Slot ID as show below:

How to use it?

Very soon I am going to post an article on How to integrate Huawei Ads Kit in Android Application.





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